Our overarching goal with each of our markets is to give local artists and craftsmen the opportunity to sell their work and gain exposure within the community. In order to best fulfill this mission, keep the public engaged, and offer the most artists an opportunity to participate, we have created three differently themed markets that each have their own criteria for being a vendor.  Each market is juried by a panel of (5) staff members.

Handmade & Homegrown Market: This market features both plants and home and garden related handmade items. Yard art, woodcrafts, products made from natural ingredients, and floral items do well. 

Handmade & Reclaimed Market: This market is unique because it only showcases the work of artists using reclaimed materials. It is paired with our annual Fall Fest, which offers free food, a beer garden, games, and our biggest sale of the year. Ideal for artisans of all types that work with second hand materials.

Handmade Holiday Market: This market is aimed at holiday shoppers seeking unique handmade gifts at affordable prices. Stocking stuffers do especially well, as do larger gifts in the $20-$50 range. Bigger ticket items like furniture are less popular because people are in gift mode.

What other factors are considered during the jurying process?

Diversity: The Second Use customer base is diverse, and we strive to host markets that offer little something for everyone. This means switching up the vendor roster every year, prioritizing vendors that offer a product unlike anyone else, and balancing the number of vendors selected for each category of goods.

Quality: We not only seek quality goods, but quality vendors, which goes beyond craftsmanship. Vendors that are easy to communicate with, sympathetic to the logistics of running a market, timely, self-sufficient, warm to customers, and kind to staff always take priority when choosing between two vendors with similar goods. On the flip side, vendors with a history of being disrespectful, unprofessional, or out of line with our mission to provide a fun, community focused event, will not be selected to participate.  

Price: The Second Use crowd will pony up for quality goods, but lean towards the lower cost items. Fine art, niche items, pricey children's goods, etc. don't do particularly well. That being said, it can still be a good networking opportunity for vendors that have a website or other shows customers can return to once they have mulled over the purchase.

Uniqueness: Who doesn't love a truly unique find? Vendors who's work is truly original / not the subject of every other Pinterest tutorial make for a stronger market.

Outreach: Vendors that actively promote the market help us better fulfill our mission to serve a diverse community, and will be rewarded for that.

I have previously participated in a handmade market. That makes me a shoo-in, right?

Not necessarily. We wish we had enough space to add new vendors and invite all of our previous vendors to return, but we are restricted to what we have and must switch up the line up to keep the market fresh and engaging. This is why we host three markets- to provide a maximum range of vendors the opportunity to participate. It's possible that you are a better fit for a different market or we need to mix it up for one cycle. Keep applying though, if you were a good fit the first time, it's likely you will be selected to return to at least one of our three markets.

I've applied before and wasn't accepted. Is it even worth the effort of applying again?

YES. As mentioned above, we switch up the list every year to allow room for new vendors. Just because you weren't a perfect fit for that market doesn't mean you won't be selected for future markets.